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Intox is EJECT system compatible and ASTM certified, the only certification program that tests the strength of chin guards, vital to BMX/downhill racing.

Offering great ventilation, neck brace compatibility and a removable onboard-camera option,
The Intox is a winning hand for anyone on the market for wide ranging features.

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61,98 €

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EXTERIOR HOUSING ABS: Thermoplastic construction. Great strength and resistance to abrasions.

INTERNAL CASE EPS INTELLIGENT FUSION: Materials of different density depending on the characteristics of each model. Different dimensions depending on the size.

INTERNAL CABINETS FOR HEARING BALANCE: A key aspect for balance and therefore the safety of the pilot.

AIRFLOW_2_CHIN: Ultraventilated muffler for unrestricted breathing.

DOUBLE BUCKLE D: To accurately adjust the belt, without having to tighten it periodically.

VISION MULTIPOSITION ADJUSTMENT: Aluminum side screws that allow to set the parameters of your field of vision with precision.

TOTALLY REMOVABLE LINER: Very practical to wash and dry it.

NECK-BRACE: Compatibility verified with almost all cervical collars available.

VISION FIELD XXL: Compatibility with almost all available masks.


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