Sledge Hammer FreeRider Expand

Sledge Hammer FreeRider

Sledge Hammer Sledge Hammer


A truly long spring travel and sports suspension adjustment satisfies every requirement. This equipment offers everything, incredible jumps, Freeride snow powder in extreme landscapes, but also good carving properties on track.

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The SKIBIKE-FREERIDE comes equipped with 2 210mm oil pressure dampers with rebound adjustment for the highest demands. Wide skis serve better than ever for off-piste skiing. The new saddle allows you to move the weight quickly, but is still very comfortable thanks to a widening of the seat. That's why the driving sensation is quite close to that of a motocross motorcycle.

In spite of its height and of the long routes of suspension of the FREERIDER can take very closed curves. With the progressive suspension adjustment the pressure is not lost by carving and there is always a reserve of the suspension path. It provides an incredible sense of safety (especially with the braking system option) that invites you to go down to the beast. This SKIBIKE is currently (despite the use of high quality components) one of the More economical, comparable to a conversion kit for bicycles.

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